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Below are a range of services we provide to suit your needs. Feel free to get a free quote on your own design from us!


Screen printing is one of the most cost effective printing methods for medium or large orders, with fast turn around, sharp and bright colours and minimal limitations on what is possible. It's one of the best options we offer.


Digital printing is becoming increasingly popular and is being adopted by major retailers. Printing from a digital file directly into the fabric. It has a soft and amazing feel, best suited to small and medium runs. Photos and images are printed with great clarity, also a great way to print samples.


Vinyl Transfers are a flexible and effective way to transfer your design onto your choice of apparel. No minimum quantities and perfect for small to medium orders. Great substitute for screen printing, and fluoro colours are available.



We provide an embroidery service for a range of apparel including shirts, hoodies, caps and aprons available for a wide range of fonts and images


Specialty garment printing allows us to offer you, unique printing options such as:

  • Glitter and foil prints
  • Pattern Vinyl
  • Digital/Screen Print combination



Getting your own custom t-shirt is as easy as 1-2-3. Jump on our products link, and pick a shirt. Send in your artwork of what you would like, and we'll send you out an invoice. Once its paid we'll mail it out to you.